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Pulse is the dealership software of tomorrow, today.

Built by car people for car people, Pulse gives you all the data you’ll need to make the right decisions in the moment. With it’s powerful sales process and enhanced customer experience, you can ensure you never miss an opportunity to give your cusomers the best experience while maximising profit potential on every deal. Leverage the power of realtime reporting, deal stacking, customer communication and many more features to ensure your dealership is running efficiently.

Whether you’re a small used car dealership or a franchise business on multiple sites selling new and used cars, Pulse will easily scale with your business and provide the right data, tools and experience to ensure you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.


125 years


We love software, but our background and passion is in the motor industry. That’s what motivates the decisions we make to ensure Pulse is the best software to solve the everyday issues facing your dealership


25k hours


We have put extensive research and development into ensuring Pulse has the right tools and features to give you exactly what you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business




We have learned from each an every transaction using the Pulse platform. This data continues to help us optomise the platform for a seamless customer journey and an optomised and powerful sales process


£235 increase


Pulse is designed to ensure you never miss an income stream opportunity. All available income streams are availavle in one place in the sales process allowing you to offer your customer the most personalised service


Top 8 Features & Benefits

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Powerful Sales Process

Know your customer, showcase the right vehicle and products. See all available revenue streams in one place.

Realtime Reporting & Personalised Dashboard

See an overview of performance, opportunities and insights in real time helping you to make the best decisions today.

Feed Your Website & Other Third Party Sites

Add or update a car within Pulse and see it on your website and other third party sites automatically.

Used Car Price Check

Keeping you a step ahead of your competition. See similar cars for sale and know where you are in the competitive landscape at all times

Manage & Track Sales Targets

A visual representation of month-to-date achievement with individual or department data at your fingertips.

Diary Management & Communications

Never miss new opportunities to do business by organising your diary and ensuring great customer communication throughout.

Opportunities To Do Business

All your sales leads and enquiries in one place. Process leads while they’re hot

Create Offer/4 Square Presentation

Comprehensive visual presentation of vehicle and finance options. Present every detail to your customer to help them make the best decision.

Even more features

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